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Email: tony@tonedbodyfit.com
Phone: 262-330-8449

Your all-inclusive wellness studio located in the greater Milwaukee area

One-on-One Personal Training

Our fitness specialists will tailor a program to your specific goals to allow you to reach your full potential. Your sessions will be conducted in a semi-private training room that removes the distractions and intimidation that can be felt in a gym setting. Your progress will be tracked with our in-depth assessment format on a consistent basis to allow you to visually and physically reap the benefits of specialized personal training.

Group Classes

Come and get into the best shape of your life in our Express Bootcamp or TB Bootcamp class! Each class provides a high intensity workout in a group setting to help you improve your overall muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, fat loss, metabolism, and physical performance! Each class is instructed by one of our highly qualified and energetic fitness specialists to take you on a path into fitness euphoria!


We offer multiple types of yoga classes to help improve your flexibility, balance, strength, mental clarity, stress relief and more! Our classes range from beginner level to advanced and our certified instructors will guide you through your specific practice. Leave class feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on whatever the world has to offer!

Hear from our clients

    Michelle Villanueva

    “Tony and his team of professionals have been such an inspiration and a great motivator for me while I was on my journey to a healthier self these last couple of years. I was so excited to hear Tony was starting his own health and wellness venture. Im

    glad I had the opportunity to attend the back yard bootcamp event at Hart Park!  It was so much fun. Your team knows how to meet people where they are at and inspire them to keep pushing. Im looking forward to attending the next event!”

    Pat Hundt

    “Last year at this time I was suffering a lot of knee and hip pain making it difficult to sit, stand or walk more than a short distance. Playing with our grandchildren or taking part in family activities was limited. I avoided long distance driving. I was constantly asking

    myself, “how do I do this with the least amount of pain?” After months of PT and over the counter medication, the pain was relieved but continued to be a daily challenge. At age 73 the thought of living with chronic pain was disconcerting at best.

    In March 2018 I had hip replacement surgery followed by six more weeks of PT. Finally, I was free of pain but the residual debilitation from lack of real exercise or even the desire to walk short distances had taken a toll.

    One day last month after my hair appointment upstairs at Studio 890, I stopped in to see Tony, the BODY TONER. It was intriguing to hear about his new business opening the following week. I immediately felt at ease with Tony (especially when he told me he had a client who was aged 92.) I thought why not at least try it for a few months?

    After only three weeks with Tony, my personal trainer (just writing that makes me smile) I am seeing the improvements in body tone and posture along with a more positive attitude towards life. I look forward to coming three days a week and doing the challenging exercises Tony has outlined for me AND I see the results already. Surprisingly, in spite of being tired after a full body workout, I feel and look stronger.

    Now it is exciting to think about future projects my husband Paul and I have planned, traveling and just being a happy grandmother again. Thanks Tony! “

    Brett Garceau

    “As an active individual, Toned Body Fitness’s boot camp at Hart Park was everything you’d expect and more in a workout. Tony and his team bring it with a high level of positive energy and while challenging boot camp is a lot of fun. Whether you consider

    yourself novice or an expert, the Toned Body Fitness instructors make sure everyone is comfortable and I highly recommend it.“

    Amy Tarpey

    “I love working out at Toned Body Fitness because they know the best exercises for my age/ability, they show me how to do them properly for the maximum benefit, and they push me to work hard for the best results! Thanks Toned Body Fitness!”


    Corissa Pennow

    “I started with Toned Body Fitness because I had never participated in strength training before and didn’t know where to start. I felt so welcome with Tony and the team because they cared about my goals and made concrete action plans on how to get there. The

    space is welcoming (not like most gyms you find) and I really learned a lot from my one-on-one training. I was able to gain lean muscle mass, build strength in my upper body (which I never had before), and have the confidence to work out at a local gym. I cannot speak more highly of the team at Toned Body Fitness!”

    Milwaukee Attorney

    “Although I’m over 70 and hadn’t worked out regularly for a long time I found great results at Toned Body Fitness. I had a problem with my left shoulder that required cortisone shots and I’m almost at 100%. The staff is great and they know how to select the program that is right for every individual client.”

    Natalie W

    “Why is Toned Body Fitness effective?  The workout plan is specific to me and my body.  I’m encouraged to get out of my comfort zone and try stuff that is harder than I mentally believe I can achieve.  I have a cheerleader standing right beside me telling me I can finish the set, which helps me push through.”

    Kristy C

    “I have never worked out at any other facility (I’m historically a runner). What I can tell you is that Toned Body Fitness is a perfect fit for me. I just celebrated my one year anniversary! It’s a supportive, caring and friendly environment. I workout 3-4 times a week with Tony and then also stay and do a cardio work out.

    Tony guided me through seven months of sinus issues and then got me through a sinus surgery. He is supportive and positive and exceptional at modifying and tailoring the workouts to not only my physical ability but also my emotional ability because sometimes, honestly, I just need an attitude adjustment. The whole staff is encouraging (and approach their jobs as a team) as well as their other clients! Recently I reached a personal goal and PR’d a 5K. I was very proud and on the way out I was talking about it with Chad, and what he said to me, as I left, sums it all up… ‘we’re here for you to make it happen, whatever you need.’ Toned Body Fitness is a community of healthy supportive people and it is my new happy place!”

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    Tony Becker

    Group Classes, Yoga, 1:1 Personal Training

    Tony grew up in a small town called Two Rivers, WI. It was there that he first discovered his passion for the fitness field.  He was an overweight child that topped out at 260 pounds in high school when realizing he had to make a change.  The summer between his sophomore and junior year he went from 260 lbs to 185 lbs by sticking to a strict exercise routine.  With this physical transformation of himself and new found confidence, he quickly changed his career path towards the health and fitness field. Tony graduated from UW LaCrosse with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in nutrition and strength and conditioning.  This education was able to bring him all over the United States while he worked with everyone from professional athletes to brand new fitness clients.  Since bringing his talents to the Milwaukee area, he’s been fully engulfed in the health and wellness field for 10+ years.  His passion for the field and for his clients success shines through each and every time he works with clients and trainers. Tony had an opportunity to start his own business and created Toned Body Fitness, Milwaukee first and only All – Inclusive health and wellness facility!  Don’t miss an opportunity to stop and and meet him in person if you’re struggling to reach your fitness goals or if you just want to take your training to the next level!


    Zeus Becker


    -Certified 200hr yoga teacher
    -BA in finance and Banking science
    -Personal chef
    -Masseuse in Indonesian style massage

    Zeus has always been curious about the world and other cultural, coming form a small country (Jordan) it was her dream to travel and find herself.

    After leaving Jordan and joining the Airline in the United Arab Emirates for 4 years, she was blessed to travel over 70 countries experiencing their cultural, food and historical places.

    The Far East was her all time favorite place as she fell in love with the land and their humble people, taste good and healthy lifestyle.

    At that time she realize that’s what she was looking for, that life style and that peace of mind, that’s when she decided to come to American and find her American dream.

    Zeus got her yoga training in Boca Raton, FL, she has been teaching private/group yoga classes ever since, as she says every time she teaches a class she still gets butterflies and a calm satisfying feeling when she looks how good she made her students feel.

    By doing yoga she found the life style she wanted, being storing and feeding the mind with positive energy.


    Candis Caputo


    This is Candis Caputo. She started practicing yoga in 2012. She completed her first training, 200hr Hatha Yoga certificate, at Sage Yoga in Fallbrook, CA in 2015.

    In April 2016,  she added a Broga Yoga Certificate, followed closely by a Kidding Around Yoga certificate (CEUS -23 hour) in May 2016. After teaching privately in Racine, WI for 3 years, she had the opportunity to add a certificate in Connected Warrior Yoga, which focuses on trauma-conscious teaching and military Veterans.

    As an instructor, her focus is on alignment and breath work. She loves teaching because she gets the satisfaction of helping people feel better, by showing them how to use their movement and breath to gain strength and flexibility. She’s always looking to improve and add to her knowledge base so she can best inform her students.


    Chad Loberg

    Group Classes, 1:1 Personal Training

    My fitness journey started very early on in my high school career when I found myself trying to battle back from multiple knee surgeries I had the previous 2 years. It was at the end of my freshman year when I realized that if I wanted to play sports at the level I wanted to play at, I would have to take my overall health to the next level as well. That’s when working out and eating healthy became a passion for me, and that passion turned into my profession. After college I started my career as a Personal Trainer. From there I started my coaching career, as the Strength & Conditioning Coordinator and an assistant Football Coach back home at the high school I went to. I have trained athletes and worked with people with all types of fitness goals for over 5 years now.



    Tiana Powless

    Group Classes


    • Attending UW-Milwaukee for Kinesiology and Nutrition


    • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    • CPR/AED

    Personal Bio:

    I’ve been an athlete my whole life playing all kinds of sports. In high school I played basketball, tennis, ran track and power-lifted.  I knew I wanted to help people live a healthy happy life and help motivate others the way coaches have motivated me. Working out is more than just physical transformations but rather a positive change of a lifestyle. Working hard and putting your all into your health is the most rewarding thing I’ve experienced.

    Hobbies/Things I enjoy:

    • Playing and coaching basketball
    • Powerlifting
    • Spending time with family


    Ana Laufer

    Group Classes, 1:1 Personal Training

    Ana moved from Mexico to Wisconsin to continue her love and happiness for the fitness field! Ana enjoys the positive effects of living a healthy lifestyle; not only for aesthetic reasons but for the overall health and quality of movement. Fitness has taught Ana how people can take control of their health and life! Ana preaches to her clients that they can do anything if they work hard, stay consistent, and demonstrate proper discipline. This helps her clients feel empowered!

    Ana’s work experience back in Mexico was in sports and entertainment at a prestigious all-inclusive resort.  This experience has taught her that exercise can also be fun ans enjoyable, so she adapts her routines to fit her clients needs!

    Ana’s favorite parts of training are seeing clients progress while also getting to work with a wide variety of amazing people! When Ana’s not training clients, she enjoys resistance training (strength training specifically) lifting heavy makes her feel strong! Other hobbies include: bike rides, hiking, wake surfing, yoga and any kind of classes for a new challenge.

    Fun fact about Ana: She’s from the beaches of Cancun, Mexico (born and raised) loves dancing salsa, watching documentaries and cuddling with my dog.


    Alison “Allie” Heckler

    1:1 Personal Training

    Allie was an athlete growing up with her favorite sport being hockey! At the age of 17 Allie stopped playing sports and felt directionless in her attempts to stay active without her favorite sport. A few years went by and Allie ended up seeing a personal trainer that introduced her to the world of weightlifting. Soon after she also discovered her love for yoga! Both of these activities drastically improved her quality of life, and that’s when she discovered her passion to help others with their fitness journeys! Allie loved being able to help clients achieve whatever obstacles stood in their way! She’s helped numerous clients deal with decreasing stress and improving pain relief by introducing them to the many benefits of resistance training and soon yoga! (She’s currently finishing her Yoga teacher training!) Allie’s a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and utilizes this skill set to ensure each and every one of her clients are set up for success!



    Katie Van Arendonk


    Katie simply loves health and fitness. She was an active child and a multi-sport athlete throughout both high school and college. During graduate school, she adopted marathon running as her primary form of fitness and is slowly working toward completing a marathon in every state. Katie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Science and Psychology from Dordt College in 2004 and her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Iowa in 2006. She practiced physical therapy in various settings in Iowa and Maryland for the first 12 years of her career. During this time, she progressively stepped away from working outside their home and transitioned to being home as the primary caretaker for their children. She is the mother of four children, three daughters and one son. Their family moved to Wisconsin from Tennessee in 2018 for her husband Kyle’s job at Children’s Wisconsin. Since moving to the Milwaukee area, Katie completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Coda Yoga Studio in Hartland, WI. She is now enjoying this new season of weaving together her love of health and fitness + her educational and professional background + teaching yoga.


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